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brand design elements for webevolve

Golf Charity Application

Golf Charity Application


Build a personalized, custom designed scavenger hunt app that enables teams of players to be occupied and entertained in between holes of a charity tournament golf game while competing for points and prizes. 

It also increases engagement and enjoyment while adding value to the charity game.

Problem: Tournament Golfers get bored. They want to be occupied and entertained during the 18 holes that they endure in order to finish a round of golf. At a golf tournament, the audience does not usually include a majority of experienced golfers.

Audience: There are players who attend to fund-raise primarily, not play. They would appreciate the opportunity to participate in a “side game” while still raising money through playing a round of golf. During the research phase of the project, in which I was heavily involved with, we established a few personas in which the product development was based around. The persona developed highlighted the fact that a side game would be a welcome distraction if it was easy enough to play.


The app is easy to use and when you start your journey with it. 

It automatically puts you in your group based on your scanning of a QR code or game code, that the admin sets up prior to the event. It is designed to make it easy for uploading evidence that each of the tasks is completed. A mission is created for each of the tasks and points are awarded upon completion — Every time evidence is submitted, points are awarded.Using QR code technology makes it easy to sort players into groups as well as used in scanning and submitting evidence for one of the tasks.

Further Insights: After much discussion and brainstorming, it was determined that we would utilize the established user journey for the on-boarding process, as well as the standard way of getting in and out of an app.

Our designer, with the help of a brainstorming session, captured the essence of the tournament with a creative logo displaying open hands welcoming donations. The colours chosen were dramatic and strong, drawing in the user’s field of vision. Three simple contrasting colours that showcase the design elements and highlight points of interaction.

Buddy Application - Relationship Builder

Sketch of prototype "buddy"


Broken into teams and collaboratively brainstormed potential solutions to our problem. We used a number of ideation and decision making methods such as crazy 6s and dot voting.

The problem that we were dealing with was: Individuals feeling isolated from their loved ones need a simple way to connect and enjoy entertainment together.


We created a prototype of a handheld unit along with an application that runs on your tv while you watch with the other  person.

Here is a demonstration of how we have engaged the user to better develop relationships through the use of Buddy.

The Prototype:



Food4U provides a way to distribute good unused food to people in need in order to eliminate food waste and to help feed people who would otherwise go hungry.

The primary focus is to feed hungry people with the secondary focus on the environmental impact of food waste. Not everyone or every establishment has the means or the ability to compost their good unused food.



There is a consistent need for food in our region. The gathered information notated that almost a quarter of the population was in need of food assistance at that time.

I was heavily involved in the research phase of this project. With respect to the audience, and based directly on the research accumulated, three personas were developed. Two to represent the hungry (over 49% with the two research groups combined) , one to represent the donor. These in-depth user details and stories outline the audience representation and their projected involvement with the product.

During the user testing, there was an A/B test used to identify the typeface and arrangement of our logo and slogan to see which image our users preferred. There were 22 people involved in the study. Because of this testing we chose to change our logo typeface and slogan.

The question that was asked was:

Which font do you think is more relaxed and inviting that represents fun and being positive?

Here is their feedback:

Which logo do you think the majority of our audience agreed that represented Food4U effectively?

The logo using all caps was decided as the most effective representation.

Here is the prototype of the application: